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Jumpstart Solutionz Newsletter is an independent publication that has been developing and accumulating valuable information concerning the efforts and results of Proper Marketing Practices since the early 2020's when businesses needed to pivot in order to stay operational. The focus was on how Marketing could be sectioned into three main parts and applicable in a step-by-step format for new and existing businesses looking to jumpstart/ grow the profitability & foundational stability of their respective venture.

We have now accomplished what we have set out to do through the reverse engineering of R.O.I. (Return on Investment) and creating a system we are coining as our "A.O.R. Approach" (Acquisition, Onboarding & Retention Approach) which encompasses Effective Marketing in a Before, During & After method and making this system, the main focus of our entire Newsletter.

In short, we offer an Online Premium Business Marketing Resource Newsletter designed to focus on how to effectively market... Before the customer comes into your establishment (Acquisition), During the time the customer is there (Onboarding) and After the customer leaves to encourage them to gladly come back (Retention). We do this through our Paid Monthly Newsletter in scheduled audio posts and online workshops. Even just investing your time and energy in any one of those three areas of the A.O.R. Approach could significantly improve and compound your efforts exponentially.

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Join us as we go through each section, article by article and uncover crucial areas of effective marketing systems, especially surrounding the #1 biggest asset that businesses across the board have able to count on... their Automated Email List.

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All information and resources of any type within or connected to this platform are solely for informational purposes and the use or application if any is done entirely at your own discretion and can in no way hold Jumpstart Solutionz, its platform, instructors, content or any resource implied or not implied at fault or liable.

The intention is to offer additional viewpoints/ perspective in order to help businesses brainstorm ideas that align with the pursuit to continue serving their customers better and growing towards a more trusted, effective and efficient organization with ever brighter futures.

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