May 2024 Email Update

Written by: Mr. G.

Posted on: 05/03/2024 Email Update Post Issue: # 105-24

Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers out there and Welcome to our New Members... to our email update. Below, we will outline the two new episodes that we will be covering along with any further updates/news:

Monthly Audio Creative Newsletter:

Our intention is to offer additional viewpoints/ perspective in order to help businesses brainstorm ideas that align with the pursuit to continue serving their customers better and growing towards a more trusted, effective and efficient organization with ever brighter futures.

  • May 10th - Business Flyers, Cards & Promises.
  • May 25th - The Offline & Online Storefront.
  • May 30th - Online Workshop titled, "P.O.D. (Purpose, Offer & Deliver)" available to our paid members. Click to Learn More.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Get Ready for our Online Workshop titled, "P.O.D. (Purpose, Offer & Deliver)" available this May 30th, 2024 for our Paid Members. Click Here to Learn More in Our Events Page.

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